Need more clients and time?

Social media planned for you 365 days of the year. Sounds like a dream come true, right?

Cause you know….

…sitting staring at a blank FB post you need to think up, but you don’t have time, and you are in a hurry, and you don’t know what on earth to say so you just close it and don’t post anything, ISN’T working for you right now.

You have no consistency, no connection with your audience, then it starts to feel like no-one is even reading it so why even bother? You start wondering if a part time job might be necessary because the sales aren’t rolling in like you hoped.

That’s depressing. 🙁

One of the important things about social media is to remember people are there to be social, and the more you post, the more people your posts will be shown to. Posting once or twice a week is about as effective as turning a printed brochure into a paper plane and throwing it off your roof, hoping it lands on the doorstep of your ideal client.

You need to be posting daily, at LEAST, in order to be reaching your ideal client and engaging with them to build that know > like > trust connection with you.

If that idea just makes you feel drained just reading it, there’s another option for you.

What if you had something designed specifically for horse businesses that prompts you EVERY SINGLE DAY with an idea for you to post? Imagine how quickly and easily you could create your posts each day, or even sit down and schedule a month in advance without having to stare out the window for an hour thinking up 30 or so different ideas to post about. It would be all there, right in front of you, ready to go.

Sounds A-Maz-Ing! Right? 

Equine Entrepreneurs has created The Ultimate 365 Days of Social Media Prompters for you!

Set out as a month to a page with a prompt for every single day, this printable pdf is going to save you SO MUCH TIME!

It’s practical, easy to read, fun, and it looks cool too. What more could we want?

At $29.95 AUD, that works out to less than eight cents a day. Eight cents to save your sanity… I’m thinking that’s a no-brainer, right?