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365 DAY



What if you could have daily social media inspiration instead of daily frustration?

Facebook: What’s on your mind…

If that prompt mocks you each time you log into Facebook, you’re in the right place.

The mere sight of that phrase can make you break into a cold sweat, and you’re not alone. It strikes fear in the hearts of many equine business owners!

“What’s on your mind …” is NOT a helpful prompt, Facebook!

You have a million things on your mind, your to-do list for your business is a mile-long, and you want some semblance of personal life too!

And how about a little time for riding your HORSE? If that’s EVER going to happen you don’t have HOURS in your day for creating the perfect social post!

Just when you get past the “What’s on your mind …” prompt, your business page hits you with a reminder to

“Create post…”!

Thanks, Facebook! No pressure!

The doubts start clanging around inside your head like a chestnut mare when you’re two-minutes late with breakfast …

What if I can’t think of anything to say today?
What if I post and no one comments?
What if I’m so boring they unfollow me?
12 month social media content prompter

So you do nothing … you stare blankly at your display, fingers poised to type furiously when inspiration strikes.

But nothing comes … you’re STUCK!

Don’t despair … my horse, JD, and I came up with a solution!!

And he ALWAYS knows what to do!

What if I told you I’ve created a social media hack

used by HUNDREDS of clients that will:

Free you from the fear of posting to *crickets*
Speak to your equine business audience in THEIR language
Help you create engaging, SHAREABLE, comment-worthy posts that broaden your reach and grow your audience
Allow you to batch and schedule your content weeks in advance
Give you a creative edge over your competition

Real stories from customers who use

the 365 Day Prompter in their business

the social media hack your business needs

You’re probably champing at the bit for the details, so I won’t make you wait any longer for the social media hack your business needs RIGHT NOW!

This social media hack will save you HOURS every week on your content!!

Can you imagine having a social media hack that’s SO EASY you’ll actually be AHEAD on your content strategy?

I created this tool because I’ve BEEN where you are.

I was trying to squeeze in social media posts to my business page between client appointments or, back in the day, while making the browbands that were the true heart of my product-based business.

I understand that it’s easy to get stuck when you are trying to come up with new and interesting posts for your audience … every. single. day.

The overwhelm sets in so the posts don’t go up, and your business becomes stagnant … it seems like you’re just another shopfront to your customers.

But what if it could be different?

Grab these prompts and GET BACK YOUR TIME!

What if you could easily

Create posts that make your ideal client WANT to share or comment?
Start conversations with your posts that build RELATIONSHIPS, BRAND LOYALTY, and REPEAT BUSINESS.
Become a trusted resource to your customers, even a friend, instead of just a place they spend money.

With the help of this practical, easy-to-read, printable PDF you’ll find yourself inspired daily to write posts your audience will WANT to engage with.

Wouldnt you rather be riding

Because social media was meant to be, well, social! 

What's Inside?

A list of free resources to get you started with your content design
Tips for making sure you’re engaging your audience
Easy step-by-step instructions for how to use the prompts
and of course … 365 prompts – one idea for EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR

Engage your audience daily with posts created from prompts like these:

Share something people may not know about your business
Ask your followers a basic question that requires a one word answer
Do an ‘Ask Me Anything’ post and reply in the comments

Just say NEIGH to social media block and content overwhelm … grab your copy of the 365 Day Social Media Prompter now!

You, and your audience, will be so happy you did!


ONLY $29.95 AUD


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