About Equine Entrepreneurs

Melody Semmler

Business Development Strategist

``someone that makes the hard parts of business easy and helps me get organised so I can get stuff done``

I’m here to help. With over 25 years of experience in both large corporate business, marketing, branding and communication, and small home-based business, I’ve done a few laps around the block. As an added bonus, I have made every mistake in the book at one point or another and learned the lesson and moved forward. I turned my last small home-based business into an award winning, 6 figure, household name around Australia and then successfully sold that business.

What gets me excited is finding people in horse businesses who are passionate about what they do. That excited first meeting when they pour out everything they do and how it all came about to begin with. I love to help them grow their business, and be smart enough about it to be able to find time to ride/pay with their own horse/s as well! I love hearing the stories and thanks from those that I have worked with that are feeling so much more under control and reaching for their goals when before they felt like they were drowning.

With expertise in marketing, branding, copywriting, web and graphic design, along with some savvy business methods, I am a down to earth, real live person, that has been, and is, right on your level. I don’t ‘do’ fancy jargon and terminology to impress, and I explain things simply enough without making anyone feel like an idiot for asking.

Melody is an online horse business coach living in Perth, Australia, with her husband, son, dogs, lizard and two horses. Specialising in helping equine related businesses get the confidence to move forward and get organised enough to be able to still have a life and a business, she’s been involved in horses for over 37 years and is no stranger to the industry.

In her career Melody has handled the major rebranding of a large power utility leading into directing for over seven years a national team of marketing experts and designers for the largest law firm in Australia. She gave away the high-flying career around the birth of her son to start a little hobby of designing and making browbands.  Over the ensuing 12 years her hobby grew into a six figure business that in 2012 won a Telstra Award and became a household name in Australia.  In 2015 the business was sold so Melody could concentrate on helping equine businesses worldwide with her current endeavour, Equine Entrepreneurs.

Melody is a self confessed optimist that uses her own business and life experiences to support and motivate others. With a deep understanding of social media, she has BUILT a following of horse business owners from around the world and connects them to bring as much value and support as she can. A pragmatic do-er in one moment, on an emotional rollercoaster the next, whatever she is experiencing, she is turning into a life and business lesson to share with others. She is incredibly passionate about work/life balance, so can often be found riding her Irish Sport Horse Leedale Irish Jadalco (“JD”) in the week or just hanging out with the horses.

She HAS AN obsession with saddle pads and a collection that would be ample for more than a dozen ridden horses, and has an impressive collection of unicorn ‘stuff’!

Melody’s Support Team

Joey the Office Dog

Joey oversees all office activities, and hogs the heater in winter.

Leedale Irish Jadalco

Work-Life Balance Supervisor

Leedale Irish Jadalco is the work/life balance supervisor, in between running his own instagram account