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One of the biggest hang-ups for a new business owner (procrastinating-out-of-fear business owners cough cough) is getting stuck on branding their business. I have a few tips for you if you’re just starting out to choose your branding colours, get photos that you’re confident in, and move forward with your business.

Branding Colours

First up, colours. Are you stuck on picking the right colours? There are websites (check out that will help generate colour palettes based on a photo you upload. You can also look up some of the most popular colour combinations and see what you feel.

Colours are tied to emotions, so aside from picking what you like (I see you, unicorn lovers, out there!), think about what will appeal to your customers or tie into your product. For example, if you provide equestrian yoga services, red or neon colours might not be a good choice for that audience. On the other hand….they could be perfect if you make colorful horse accessories!


Logo & Branding Fonts

If you haven’t already designed a logo or picked a font, this is the time. Those of you that are talented designers here is your place to shine. If this is not your area of expertise, there are some amazing freelance designers online that can help.

Create a logo that is simple, clean, and connects with your business (Canva is a great resource to do this if you’re new to graphic design, or feel free to reach out to designers in our amaze-balls Equine Entrepreneurs Facebook group).

Think about where you will use this logo and make sure it will work. Will it work on the side of your barn? Can people see it on a shirt (especially if it is printed in one colour)?


Often people design a super cool logo, then go to use it and find it does not work for where they need it. Think giant blob on the side of the truck instead of the beautiful gradient jumping horse. Yes, I have seen it happen…

If you want to get really consistent with your branding (always a good idea). Pick one or two font styles to use across ALL your marketing materials. I mean everywhere….social media, website, brochures, business cards. Your clients will see the consistency and start to connect it to your brand.

Brand Photos

Now it is time to smile for the camera. Picture time!

DO NOT scrimp on good photos, especially if you sell products! They are literally worth a thousand words. Getting professional photos of you (yes, you need photos, too!) and your products immediately tell your customers and clients that you are the real deal.

I know, not everyone loves modeling in front of the camera for hours, or even being in front of the camera at all.

But, if you have a business, it is critical. Your photos need to inspire confidence in your client or potential customer at first glance. Those photos are one of the first opportunities you have to make an impression on your client. They need to feel connected and want to build a relationship with you (ie. buy your service!). And who knows, a professional photography session could be a great confidence booster for you!


This same applies to product photos. While taking a photo of your friend wearing the shirt you are selling is ok for a social media post once in a while, good quality photos on your website and ads are a must. Be consistent with your images. Pick a photo location, background, product position and stick to it like glue. It might be worth investing in a good camera, even though phone cameras will work in a pinch.

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