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One of the most frustrating parts of social media is feeling like we FINALLY put ourselves “out there” only to just hear crickets. In reality, social media is part art, part science, and a whole lot of being authentically ourselves.

Today we will focus on WHY some social media posts fail, practical tips to create really engaging, digestible social media posts that convert to sales but still allow you to be authentic.

Successful Social Media Posts Equine Entrepreneurs

Problem #1: Your Post Was Too Long and Rambly…

Some social media posts may fail because they are too long, or your call to action may not have been clear. Keeping followers engaged means not having long-winded sentences around three different topics without taking a breath.

A lot of your readers are “keeping up” at the bus stop or on the run. Focus on one idea in each sentence. One idea is easier to digest than getting lost in what you are trying to say with multiple ideas.

Don’t give up on it! Being clear and concise with your posts will give your audience more ability to engage with you. Look at the ones that “fail”, and learn from where it went wrong!


Problem #2: Poor Image Quality

Sharing quality photos will help your audience see what you see. Make sure they are good quality, in good lighting, and not dull. You want to grab your audience into looking at the photo and engaging with the post.

Problem #3: Timing

Don’t be discouraged if your posts don’t get traction. It could be the time of day wasn’t right, the day of the week wasn’t right, or your audience also follows other pages that were active at the same time as you. Change things up if they aren’t working!

Cracking the Code Tip #1: Consistency

Showing up for your audience is one thing that they are always looking for. Being your genuine self, responding to each and every one of their comments and messages will give them the feeling you are there for them every day. They will connect with you more while staying a follower. It is essential to retain your followers.

Remember, don’t overcomplicate things. The simpler your posts are, the more engagement you will get from your audience. So, the more engagement you get, the more trust your followers will have with your business. Remembering, especially, that social media is about the long game and showing up consistently.


Cracking the Code Tip #2: Relatability

Speak your audience’s language. Make posts relevant to them. If you post about items or areas that are not your business or who you are, you will confuse your audience. Take the time to create the content most relevant to you that your audience will also relate to.

Cracking the Code Tip #3: Positivity

Be positive! No one likes to read a negative post. Even if things have not been going your way, turn it into a positive light. Understand what went wrong, and show growth through learning. Your readers will value that more than the negative.

And remember… Be real, be genuine, be authentic, and be honest. It’s the easiest way to create respect and trust. And you’ll start to see your followers grow too!