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If I told you we were going to set everything up for you to go live on Facebook and/or Instagram … to talk about yourself and your business … RIGHT NOW!

What would your first response be?

Is it a physical response? Heart racing, mouth dry, breathing faster, head racing with thoughts, palms sweating?

Or is it a defensive comeback? “Oh, but I’m not looking good!” or “But I don’t know what to say!” or “I would but …”

Or Is it a positive reaction? “Oh yes sounds good!” or “I can’t wait to tell people about what I’ve been up to with my business!”

Your first reaction speaks the truth!

Now, if you’re laughing at that last one thinking there’s no way that could be your response, I want you to ask yourself, why not? Aren’t the people who would be watching you already following your account? Would those people be following you if they didn’t enjoy your content? If it feels so far-fetched to enjoy sharing what you do I’ll point out that there is a strong possibility you already, face to face, share your business with friends and/or with family!


Would you be able to video call with a family member or a trusted friend and talk to them about things that excite you about your business? Or something that has recently happened for your business? Lives online are simply sharing your business in the same way, with people that are already interested in your work! Lives give your audience a chance to get to know you, and care about what your business is about on a more personal level.

That connection WILL help you get more clients. All it takes is hitting that record button, going with the flow for just 5 minutes, and seeing it for yourself! You know it’ll help your business, you’ve seen others get online and go live. But…

Stop right there! If there is a ‘but’ then it’s not so much a reason for not going live – but an excuse. Did you know there are usually just 3 excuses for not going live? 3 that I hear over and over – so I want to share with you why they aren’t great reasons at all!

1. I have no idea what to say.

If you have been posting online for your business then yes, you have things to say! If you are able to text a friend about your week, then you have something to say.

Here are some great ideas for a nice and simple 5 minute live

  • Thanking people for their reviews! Taking the time to read one or two out.
  • Talk about why you started your business for those that may not know!
  • Three facts you may not know about me/my business!

There are plenty more ideas out there – it just takes a quick google search!

2. I don’t know how to set things up for a great live.

Here’s the quickest way to ensure a great live set up!

  • Keep the light in front of you – a bright light behind you will throw your face into shadow
  • Hold the camera slightly above your eye level (not below) it’s not only more flattering, but it makes your eyes look more open and therefore more engaged!
  • Don’t try and put a ‘professional’ voice on – just be you!
  • Video call with a friend before your first live. This not only gives you practice but it’s the best reference point to how your lives should feel!

3. I’ll look stupid / They’ll hate me / I’ll make a fool of myself

Now this is the biggest reason why people don’t do lives!

We all have days we’re not looking our most dressed up, and you’ll find that those days outnumber the others! So if your hair isn’t perfect, you look a little more tired – it’s not a reason to not do a live! You can’t assume how you see yourself is how others will. Unless your business is a beauty business, people aren’t tuning in for perfect hair and makeup! Plus, some of the best lives are the ones where people look ‘real’ and like themselves. It’s more relatable which in turn is better for connecting with your audience!

Ok, so you love to chat but tend to ramble? Worried about rambling too much? Guess what? Many people who love what they do are in the same boat! And even better, they’re the ones who will be watching your live! You won’t look stupid for being passionate about what you do! If you are worried about rambling, keep the live to 5 minutes and don’t have too long or complicated an agenda. If you need a few dot point reminders that’s fine, just don’t write a novel! Just don’t attempt to script a live, that’s not the point, and if you get off script, that will be more stressful than not having one at all!

Worried about looking unprofessional because there’s background noise? Choose a quiet time of the day! If there’s an unexpected noise, talk about it /mention it – then continue your train of thought! Worst case scenario, it gets too noisy?  Mention it, and end the livestream with a promise to return soon. Life is noisy and people do understand!

Those that will watch your lives will be people that are interested in what you do already. They’ve liked your page and are interested in what you have to say. They are going to be more focused on the content and getting to know you than anything else. Especially all those weirdly specific insecurities that you’re focusing on!

The truth is that the more you do lives, the easier they become. Lives have the potential to connect with your clients and future clients in a more personal way.  Lives also have the potential to invite in all that negative self talk as well. They have the potential to shake our confidence. If we let them! When it’s all said and done, the best way to actually not feel stupid is to just do it. That time before you do your first live (the time right now for many of you reading!) is the worst, and once you’ve done it once – you’ll be just fine!

No matter what your brain is telling you out of fear, you will not burst into flames. I guarantee that. So far, I haven’t been proven wrong! ?

Want some more tips? Check out these two free resources with tips for going live.

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