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14 Day Trial for just $1!

Turn your horse business into the amazing, profitable, efficient business you’ve been dreaming of!

It’s totally possible!

I’m guessing you want to get your business to the next level BUT maybe you’re feeling…

Completely burnt out?

Constantly overwhelmed?

Not confident about selling and putting yourself out there?

Unsure why you’re not making a profit?

Sound familiar?

I hear you! I know how overwhelming small horse businesses can be. Believe me, I’ve been there! I get that it can feel really crappy!

It doesn't have to be that way!

You CAN have more clients and get your life back, with the help of the EE Brains Trust monthly membership!

Introducing the EE Brains Trust Membership

The online membership program JUST for horse business owners that will give you the tools to grow your business!

What you get as a member of the EE Brains Trust:

Access the entire EE Brains Trust vault of information and training on the website, never lose your place (like you can in a FB group). You can binge-watch/read it all in one day, or take a whole year to look at it as you need to. So Much Cool Stuff in there to help you with your business!
A monthly workshop (90 min long) with Melody (by zoom) on different things to help you grow your business.
A dedicated Facebook group to connect, share and learn with the other EE Brains Trust Members. You can ask questions, share your wins, and get support from the community.
Fortnightly group coaching calls with Melody (by zoom) where you can have YOUR question answered live on the call and meet and network with other horse business owners.
Fortnightly co-working sessions with Melody (by zoom: an hour-long accountability session where we get stuck into our own to-do list, but as a group, which is strangely motivating!)

Here’s What Members Learn:

How to Set up the strategy of their business, figuring out the target audience, getting messaging right, and learning how to wrangle social media.
Ways to deal with the overwhelm, and having the confidence to deal with anything they come up against.
Product and service pricing so you actually make a profit.
Website and marketing so their customers can find them, and buy from them easily.
Streamlining their business with technology, systems and automations they couldn’t get their head around on their own.
Know when to outsource and understand how to scale a business so you are able to stay completely sane (as sane as a horse person can be) and still make a profit.

Sounds great, right?

It is totally do-able, no matter how small or large your business is. I PROMISE (with unicorn sprinkles on top!)


Give your business the boost it needs and take control of your life again.

This combination of coaching, training, mentoring, connecting, motivating, and an inspiring program might be exactly what you need to get your business to the next level.

If you’re wondering:

When should I outsource?
How do I get my social media posts seen by more?
Why aren’t people finding my website?
Can I actually make this business work?
How do I find ambassadors?
What if I upset another business when I advertise?
What if no one wants to buy from me?
How can I keep track of like, absolutely anything?
Why am I running constantly and never have time to finish stuff?
What’s the best way to deal with xyz [insert your own sticky situation with a client here!]
Or any of the many questions horse business owners have…

Get more clients
Find more time
Get your work / life balance back

Still, you might be thinking….

It’s just another online thing I won’t do. That’s exactly why we have built in the weekly accountability Zoom sessions! Knowing that your fellow Equine Entrepreneurs are waiting for you is some of the best accountability and motivation to keep going!

I’m not sure it will help me. Don’t worry! You can cancel or re-join at any time you please.

I can’t afford it. Of course, every investment in your business can seem scary. But what I guarantee is that if you take part in this you will make the cost of it back and much much more. Really, can you afford not to move forward with your business? I’d say that it’s less than a cup of coffee a day, but who am I to get between you and your coffee?

I get lost in these things. I hear you! I’ve designed the course to be overwhelm-proof. There will be a ‘pick up where you left off’ button at the top of the screen every time you log back in to look for something. So you won’t get ‘lost’. And the dedicated Facebook group is always there for you to ask questions!

I’m in a different timezone so I can’t make the calls. I’ve coached internationally for a long time, so I get that my clients all have different times that suit them best. Call times will move around to accommodate as many clients as possible, and they’re also recorded! So you can watch them on replay whenever you wish!

I get busy and may not have time. We all have different schedules, so the content is there whenever you have time for it. It will wait for you.

The Equine Entrepreneurs Brains Trust is here with all the know-how, support, and a little unicorn magic to help you make it happen.


14 Day Trial for $1!

(Then $99 AUD

per month)


What The Members Are Saying

Melody is amazing! she has helped me so much with my business. Helping me find better ways to do things so that I am not constantly chasing my tail,The support of the group is also fantastic! I find Mel to be very giving of her time, straight forward, inspiring and fun! I am doing her excellence program and it is exactly that, excellent! Highly recommend it!

Helen Coutler

You should join the EE Brains Trust because it’s freaking awesome The help & support to improve & grow your business practices is amazing. Plus you get to hang with a group of like minded business owners to bounce ideas off or ask questions

Trish W, Australia

EE Brains Trust. I LOVE this community! Since joining I’ve received so much VALUE both in leadership and peer support from fellow equine entrepreneurs. I’ve had help fleshing out my offers, participated in group discussions, gained a level of accountability in co-working sessions, and given back when I’ve seen others with problems I could help with. Best money I spend each month on my biz by far!!

Lisa H, USA

I had been in a bit of a vicious circle of overwhelm, frustration and indecision with my business for the last 12 months between covid, two young kids and all the usual demands of everyday life so when Melody mentioned the format of the new program, I jumped at the chance of some structure and advice without a big upfront fee It has been less than a month and my reach of my fb page is up by nearly 400% with over 100% increase in engagement and 40% increase in page likes... I have made significant changes to my website, which are yielding orders, wholesale enquiries and improved stats on google analytics. Most importantly, I feel inspired, motivated and supported by a community of people that ‘get’ what it means to run a horse business and want a life at the same time

Penny R, Australia