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Facebook Group Has Driven My Business Equine Entrepreneurs

We’ve touched on the overwhelming feeling most equine business owners get when they try to decide where to spend time marketing online. We have limited amounts of time as business owners and we need to make sure we are working smarter not harder, especially when it comes to marketing.

One of the areas I focus on for marketing my business is Facebook, specifically the Equine Entrepreneurs Facebook Group. As I’m sure you all know by now, I am a business coach for horse businesses. I built and run this group to try to help as many people as I possibly can. And, our engagement is super high because people want and/or need help.

This group outperforms most Facebook groups, and here is why:


1. I’m authentic.

I don’t sugar coat it. I tell it like it is.

If you’re authentic (and even a little…quirky?) people know that they can trust you and will feel safe in your community. This allows for an engaged, supportive community online.

2. I use social media to be social.

This is something that’s often overlooked when it comes to online marketing. Social media works best when you’re social. And the thing is, I genuinely enjoy meeting people online, learning their story, and helping their business. I really wouldn’t have my business any other way, to be honest.

Social media for socialising Equine Entrepreneurs
Offer help instead of sales Equine Entrepreneurs

3. I’m strategic about how I interact in Facebook groups.

I focus on building relationships rather than selling ALL THE TIME. Relationships are so critical and often underutilized in business. These days, people buy from people, and when you make it your mission to help people out instead of sell, the sales eventually come.

4. I add value to the group….consistently

Facebook groups (or groups on any social media platform) work best when you add value to the people in the group. Whether that value is through information, your knowledge and experiences, the group’s knowledge, or something else, people look for value to add to their lives.

Joining a group that constantly sells you something doesn’t add value to anyone’s daily life. The product could be the coolest thing on the planet, but people won’t see the value….they will see a salesperson.

But I actually care about my client’s outcomes. I WANT my clients to succeed. I like their wins (even if they’re not “paying” clients).

Add value to the group Equine Entrepreneurs
Positive group energy Equine Entrepreneurs

5. I protect the energy of the group

If you know me at all, you know that I want people to feel welcome and encouraged when they’re in my space. I am very protective of the energy in the Facebook group, because it’s part of everyone’s success.

So I keep the vibe super positive and remove any people that are not aligned with that positivity. This has created a super friendly, welcoming environment where people feel comfortable asking their business questions.

The Proof Is in the Results

The thing is, when you authentically pour yourself into your community, people become transformed. And people are drawn to transformation. So when you do have offers to share with people, they’ll be much more likely to jump on it because you’ve taken the time to develop that know-like-trust factor.

Sometimes I put offers in this group, a $22 DIY kit or a group coaching, and I get A LOT of interest. Though I never promote 1:1 coaching, I often get people asking me about it within the group. I believe this is because I try to do as much as I can within the group for free, no strings attached (like really no strings). I don’t want to be the salesperson. I want to be the helper, the resource, the magic unicorn (ok, maybe I went too far, but you get the point.)