Working for yourself can be lonely, but here’s an idea for you to help!

Six heads are better than one, but not in the ‘Fluffy from Harry Potter” kind of way…

Picture this, you are a small business owner, working on your own, as you usually are, and you need to make a big decision about your business, it might be about a new product, pricing, a marketing plan, or time management. You can’t decide, you lament for days, you ask family and friends that don’t have a clue about running a business, their input confuses you more, and after a while, you are so overwhelmed you just choose the easiest option regardless of how effective the outcome will be. Then you only apply it in a very half-assed kind of a way because, to be honest, you aren’t really that sure about your decision to begin with.

It doesn’t have to be that way! There’s group coaching to help with that. And if group coaching sounds fancy or expensive, well, it isn’t! Read on and you will get the idea.

One of the things I do in this business is run group coaching, and it’s evolved into something really cool! We call it EEMM which stands for Equine Entrepreneurs Master Minds. In short, it’s a group of people that I put together who work with me, together as a group, once a month, for six months.

It’s often great to have outside views and ideas for your business and it is incredible watching the journey of each and every entrepreneur that joins the group, whether they have an idea and want to turn it into a business, or they already have a business they just need help with.

One of my clients has done four rounds (two years-worth) of EEMM and the change in her and her business has been amazing. She has gone from giving below average customer service, always being behind with her communication with her clients, not always fulfilling promises, being overwhelmed all the time, not making much of a profit, and not having enough clients, to a much more confident and calm business owner who is on top of her game of customer service, with a kick ass website (that’s another story for another day, we made her an awesome website that was a game-changer for her) and has a much clearer idea of where she is heading. And the figures are way better as well!

Everyone joins the group looking for something different, and that’s the beauty of it. Some are looking for moral support and encouragement, others are looking for motivation, others need help naming new products, others need better systems, I could go on forever, but you get the idea. The great thing about these groups is it all works even if everyone is looking for something different from them!

There’s many great reasons why working in this kind of group is so effective;

  • You get instant feedback from a number of people who ‘get’ you and your business.
    The groups are made up of other business owners who are ‘in the same boat’ as you, yet are not direct competitors. This makes it a really great collaborative space to share ideas and give and receive feedback from each other.
  • You get to pick up ideas from everyone else’s challenges and opportunities.
    The group may be discussing something about another business, yet the ideas that come forward are highly likely to be useful to you as well. That’s double whammy ideas at their best!
  • You get a group of people to connect with, confide in, and share with.
    Working for yourself can be a lonely job sometimes. Group members quickly form bonds and begin to share more than just business ideas with one another. There’s even a secret Facebook group they get to share things in a safe environment. It’s real life networking and sharing in an otherwise lonely world.
  • You get to tap into a business development strategist, inexpensively!
    Let’s face it, money can be tight sometimes and you might feel the need to ‘test the waters’ before committing to spending a lot with a business development strategist (which in less fancy terms, is someone that can help you make the hard parts of business easier). Getting into an EEMM group gives you the opportunity to connect and be able to afford it.
  • You have a way to create accountability for yourself.
    It’s easy to let things slide and not get things done when you don’t have anyone to ‘report’ to. But when there is a group of people you meet with once a month, who are all reporting in to each other and setting goals and celebrating wins as a group, believe me, there is a lot more motivation to get things done!
  • Everyone can just be themselves.
    We don’t dress up for these meetings particularly, we don’t use fancy corporate language, we laugh, we share a little of our lives, we show our human side and we celebrate. We ask questions that we might feel are ‘dumb’ and no-one judges us. We run ideas past the group without fear of someone cutting the idea down. Why? Because that’s how we do it here at EE.

These groups are just one of the things I do in this business, but it is one of my favourite things to do. There’s no question that getting together with a group of like-minded entrepreneurs is motivating and energising, as much for me as facilitator as it is for the participants.

If you are interested in reading more about the EEMM groups, here’s some more details

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