Social Media | Free Masterclass

Wednesday 22nd August – 9:30am AWST

Wednesday 15th August – 9:30am AWST

If the world of Social Media boggles your mind, and you haven’t got your head around Facebook yet, let alone the other platforms out there, this workshop will give you some basics of how to make social media work for your business.

There will be a number of great social media hacks shared for a few of the main platforms, and some time for you to put a few things in place on the spot.

You will walk away with a solid understanding of social media and it’s role in marketing and creating word-of-mouth connections for your business, and how you can apply it to you.

Facilitated by Business Development Strategist (that’s just a fancy name for someone that is good at helping people with their businesses) Melody Semmler, this is a down to earth, no-judgement workshop designed to help you get a grip on your social media.
You will learn some Facebook tips to make the most out of Facebook, along with some other tips and ideas for general social media application.