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Basics of how to make social media work for your business

Wouldn’t it be great to really wrap your head around how social media works, and make it start working for your business, without spending five hours a day on it – just hoping for results?

I feel ya…

…not understanding how it all works, or feeling like it’s going to take half your week up, drains your energy just thinking about it. Not to mention, all that time you already spend and no-one seems to see it, right?

It’s frustrating, demotivating and makes you feel like you haven’t got a chance at succeeding on socials.

Besides do you have spare time to watch fifty million free webinars that may or may not be twisting the facts to upsell you something at the end, in the hope you work something out from one of them?

I’m here to tell you that there’s another way.


Imagine how incredible it would feel if, instead of scrolling social media endlessly and wondering how to make more sales, you could:

Create engaging content for your FB page that attracted people to your business
Have a clear idea of how to ‘work’ the FB algorithm to your best advantage, without having to spend a bomb on ads
Have an endless list of ideas that you can use for your social media
Create a system for planning ahead so you save hours and hours every week

Introducing Social Media Essentials For Equine Entrepreneurs

This 8 module, self paced video course will cover the following:

Identifying your ideal client and where they hang out on FB
Making new friends: how this can boost your bottom line
Business page foundations: get your page spot on
Creating content and engagement on your page
How to batch content and save time so you can get on with what you do
Turning connections into sales: the art of selling without being salesy
Using video/lives for your business and how sales can go mad as a result
Starting and growing a FB group for your business so people are dying to buy from you.



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What My Clients Say

Melody has changed the way I operate social media, making it more effective. She also provides simple, yet powerful business advice.

Robyn S.

Melody is a whiz at social media and has creative and fun ways to build one’s business, whether it’s online or brick-and-mortar. I left the coaching feeling inspired and excited to move forward. Thank you, Melody!

Mary D.

Her experience of running her own successful business combined with her knowledge of social media and genuine commitment to help others is truly a unique and priceless combination

Penny R.