More clients, more sales, more time for yourself.

If you feel like you need one-on-one help with your business just ask! Together we can work out a plan of what you need and how I can help.

Who is this coaching for?

The entrepreneur who is about to launch a new business or new service and wants the accountability and support from the start
The equine entrepreneur who has achieved all they can in their business journey and aren’t sure how to scale or what’s next?
The business owner that’s ‘stuck’ with a particular challenge, and needs the right mindset and motivation support
The business owner that’s ready to reinvent their business with the right systems and organisation.

Not sure what you need?

If you’re not sure what you need, here’s some ideas for you.

The kind of things we work on together can include:

Problem-solving a specific challenge,
Getting on top of social media
Motivation and mindset support
Systems and organisation
Writing for your business
Getting your business started
And other aspects of managing your business

What does this coaching look like?

You’re all a VIP client to me no matter which of my services you choose. The reality is, a group coaching format is not for everyone and you might have a big vision that requires a more specific approach.

Perhaps you…

Want to take your business to the next level but have no idea how? Or can’t even work out what the next level looks like.

OR you’re missing the foundations and the clarity required to move forward in your business and you’re unsure which thing to tick off the ‘starting a business to-do list’ first?

You could be one of these things, all of these things, or none of these things and just need motivation and accountability (we all do).

What’s included in coaching?

Each month you get 2 x 45 minute video call coaching sessions with me.

We’ll set some goals and some homework for you, for accountability. You’ll also get unlimited messaging support to problem solve, celebrate wins, help with things ‘on the spot’ and stay focussed.

Meet Your Coach

Melody Semmler

Business Development Strategist

I’m here to help. With over 25 years of experience in both large corporate business, marketing, branding and communication, and small home-based business, I’ve done a few laps around the block. As an added bonus, I have made every mistake in the book at one point or another and learned the lesson, and moved forward. I turned my last small home-based business into an award-winning, 6 figure, household name around Australia and then successfully sold that business.

With expertise in marketing, branding, copywriting, web and graphic design, along with some savvy business methods, I am a down-to-earth, real live person, that has been, and is, right on your level. I don’t ‘do’ fancy jargon and terminology to impress, and I explain things simply enough without making anyone feel like an idiot for asking.


VIP 1:1


$495 AUD



What My Clients Say

Melody is amazing! she has helped me so much with my business. Helping me find better ways to do things so that I am not constantly chasing my tail,The support of the group is also fantastic! I find Mel to be very giving of her time, straight forward, inspiring and fun! I am doing her excellence program and it is exactly that, excellent! Highly recommend it!

Helen Coutler

Amazing business coach - cannot rate her services highly enough 🙂

Trish W, Australia

I love my 1:1 time with Melody!! She has brought focus and clarity from creative chaos!! Best money I spend on my business each month.

Lisa H, USA

Melody has been a godsend for me and my business! She’s such an awesome coach and is also is happy to lend an ear to you when you need to talk. Thanks so much Melody

Jade M.

I had been in a bit of a vicious circle of overwhelm, frustration and indecision with my business for the last 12 months between covid, two young kids and all the usual demands of everyday life so when Melody mentioned the format of the new program, I jumped at the chance of some structure and advice without a big upfront fee It has been less than a month and my reach of my fb page is up by nearly 400% with over 100% increase in engagement and 40% increase in page likes... I have made significant changes to my website, which are yielding orders, wholesale enquiries and improved stats on google analytics. Most importantly, I feel inspired, motivated and supported by a community of people that ‘get’ what it means to run a horse business and want a life at the same time

Penny R, Australia