Websites explained | Free Masterclass

Tuesday 3rd April   –   9am WST (midday EST)

If you are thinking of getting a website for your business but have no idea where to start OR you have a website but you are not sure if it is really working for you, this FREE masterclass is designed to explain the process of developing a site.

I’ll share some big traps to avoid, and some big things to be sure you do, and
de-mystify the technical elements of domains, hosting, SEO and SSL’s.


In essence, a really powerful computer with great internet speed which main job is to keep your website running and showing it to the visitors.


Name of your website (like Melody Semmler) which is unique to only one website in the world and contains all the information needed for browsers to find it.


To make it really simple, it is a process of modifying your website to present a most valuable information to anyone who is looking for something you offer.


Security procedure which encrypts (turns into jiberish) important information like credit card numbers, contact details, etc. No one can read it but you.

These are all things you need to understand to be a website owner!

Run online where you can click a link to join in from wherever you are at the time, there will be a live Q&A element of the masterclass so you can ask questions if you have anything particular to ask.


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