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Working with Melody.

Have you ever heard the expression “you don’t know what you don’t know”?

I thought that a lot when I started working with Melody!

I had been running my little (side) business for about four years when we moved from one end of the country to the other. I had been doing it awhile, and I felt like I had a reasonable handle on the whole “business thing” The move meant I had no choice but to take the leap with the business and take it from my part time job, while I worked full time, to my proper business. I was excited to finally have the chance to grow the business and be my own boss!

We moved, got settled, and I concentrated on the business. Sales went up, by about 20%! Yes! This was the result I had been hoping for, I felt I was headed in the right direction.

Then I hit the plateau. Yes, the business had grown, and I was holding at that level, but it was stagnant. And still not at a level where I could pay myself any more than just pocket money. I felt quite isolated. I was my own boss, but that meant when I had a question or didn’t know how to go about something, it was just me.

Then while scrolling through FB I came across Melody’s group. I seriously couldn’t believe my luck. As I scrolled through I picked up heaps of information, and I started to put it into action straight away, and I could see a change in my business. The group was really supportive, which actually confused me a bit to start with. After all, this was a group where there were lots of competitors, why would they be willing to help me? But they were! I asked a couple of questions in the group and got some fantastic advice, given freely. And I started to feel like part of a community, no longer isolated. If I have a problem I don’t know the answer to, someone in the group will most likely know, and now if someone else is struggling with something that I know the answer to I get to share what I have learned.

I had been part of Melody’s group for only a few weeks when the chance to work with her as part of a small group came up. I knew the value I had received being part of her FB group, so I badly wanted to be a part of this. But the honest truth is, I couldn’t afford it.

I did it anyway.

And that’s the best decision I have ever made for my business! From the first week my business improved, my confidence improved and I learned what I didn’t know. And it turned out there were a lot of basic gaps in my knowledge!

I worked through that first group with Melody, then when that group finished and the next one started I joined that one. I thought that I would coast through parts of it because I had already done one group, but I was still constantly challenged, and learning. And I am still working with Melody in yet another group, and I am still learning.

Since I started working with Melody, my business has grown 87% and is still growing. I can actually pay myself a wage now. My confidence and my resilience have grown. I now have boundaries on my work time, so I don’t feel like I work All the time!

If you are thinking of working with Melody, be warned – she will push you waaayyyy out of your comfort zone! You will need to bring your sense of humour, because she will make you laugh. You won’t need to buy a jargon dictionary, she doesn’t use jargon. Although I’m sometimes laughing at made up words, and “Mathsing” is now part of my vocabulary.

She will push you off the cliff, but she will make sure you have the tools to build a great parachute on the way down.

Just Jump!

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